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29th November 2029

10:53pm: Timelines
So my stories, the ones that I actually like and/or work on, are not written in chronological order. Below the snippets are listed in chronological for both.

BrynhildCollapse )


LegionCollapse )
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6th February 2012

1:43am: Fic: Stygian Part 1
Title: Stygian
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Junjou Romantica
Rating: PG-13 for violence and adult content
Pairing: Junjou Egoist and what could be construed as Miyagi with Hiroki
Notes: This fic was written for the Nakamura Shungiku Gift Exchange, though that seems to have fizzled out. I didn't want to sit on a perfectly good fic so I'm posting it. My prompt was for angst, hurt/comfort, and character death so beware. Also, about the note that Nowaki leaves for Hiroki the morning after he comes back from America: I seen it translated as something like "I'm going out now" in the official books and "I'll be back" in the scanlations. I tend to assume that differences between scanlations and official translations are the result of localization on the part of official translators, so for the purposes of this fic Nowaki wrote "I'll be back."

StygianCollapse )

And on that happy thought I end the first part.
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13th January 2010

6:15pm: Ficbits: Brynhild
Title: Brynhild
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Rating: M for disturbing content
Pairing: None in this snippet

NightmareCollapse )
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13th December 2009

3:51pm: Ficbits: Legion
Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Pairing: None, in this snippet
Rating: PG

In the black woods, or the name of the heartCollapse )
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29th November 2009

7:54pm: Ficbits: Legion
Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Pairing: None, in this snippet
Rating: PG

Tick, and water dropping from the heartCollapse )
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15th November 2009

9:39pm: Re: November
So, keyboard was certainly not replaced by the end of the month, as shown, I'm sure by the long delay. And then real life came down on me with a vengeance, so very definitely not going to be keeping up with the ficlet plans.

In other news, I cleaned my room today.

Well, I cleaned part of my room.

I, I freely admit, am a total packrat. Still, when I went through my cupboard I did not expect to find a hidden trove of birthday cards and assorted letters my family had sent to me at summer camp.

Especially not how far back they were dated.

It was interesting at first; like: Happy Birthday Becca, I was so glad to hear..., and Congratulations on Your Birthday..., etc. But then things started getting odd.

Hope you like your present, love Lindsey Ellis.

Lindsey Ellis? Who's that? Did I ever know anybody named Lindsey Ellis?

And a seven-page letter from my elder sister, the first line of which ran as such: "I know you're only ten, but..."

Huh. I must never throw anything away.

But then I come across this card. "Baby Girl's First Birthday."

Apparently, I've saved my mail for the past nineteen years.

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28th October 2009

7:25pm: Re: October
So, here's the thing.

For the past three weeks, I've been on vacation.

During this vacation, my computer went ballistic, and my normal tech desk is five states and half the pacific ocean away, which is why I haven't been keeping up with my October ficlets.

Two days or so again, my normal tech desk got back to me and didn't really fix the issue, but made it so that I could work around it. Causing me to need to restructure all my documents/favorites/etc.

Now they've taken it to replace the keyboard.


It should be back by the end of the month, but there goes the October ficlet posts. I really dislike the idea of posting multiple bits in one day, so even though I've got quite a few of those written up longhand, they're not gonna get up there anytime soon.

So Mama's gonna post one a day 'til the end of November, instead.
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8th October 2009

3:00am: October, Mark Six
Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Pairing: None, in this snippet
Rating: PG

Who then waking in the prayers of flameCollapse )
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7th October 2009

2:36am: October, Mark Five
Title: Brynhild
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Rating: PG for mention of harsh language
Pairing: Blink and miss it Squalo/Dino

CrashCollapse )
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6th October 2009

12:50pm: October, Mark Four
Even though this wasn't posted until now, I did write it yesterday. Aunt Becca was on planes all day going to see her sister, so I didn't have access to post until just now.

Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Rating: PG-13, for sexual contact
Pairings: Kiba/Sakura

Has fleshed animals I never sawCollapse )
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4th October 2009

10:01pm: October, Mark Three
Title: Brynhild
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Rating: G
Pairing: None, in this snippet

WakingCollapse )
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3rd October 2009

10:20pm: October, Mark Two
Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Rating: PG, for mention of violence
Pairings: None in this snippet

Now the wand and sceptre of the boneCollapse )
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2nd October 2009

11:40pm: October
So, following somewhat after the example of kacfrog711, I have decided to try making one fanwork everyday this month. Since I'm a terrible artist, I'll be going about it slightly differently.

Every day, I hope, I will post something from one of my two current works. Since I hadn't realized I wanted to do this until just today, I've missed the first. I'll double post soon, catch up to myself, but for now, happy 2nd of October.

Title: Legion
Author: Rei Mei Juunana
Fandom: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden
Rating: PG, thus far
Pairings: None in this snippet

When they come that shall lay me in the earthCollapse )

Not too bad for a first try, is it?
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10th December 2007

1:09am: Late Night Musings
Last night, when I should have been sleeping, I went up to the kitchen to investigate a strange metallic squeaking in the vents, which I later concluded to be the raingutters moving. It was dark out there, and quiet. I saw light on the floor just under the curtain that hangs over the glass deck door, and went to see if someone had left the flood lights on. I pulled back the curtain and the city landscape of my backyard illuminated with the bright night light of the moon. Every detail of the familiar view was clear to see, and I could even tell that no one had yet trodden in the snow, each tree bough was highly delineated.

I always forget how bright the nights can be. Last night, though, it looked wrong. The moon's rays filtered down through the recently unburdened clouds, defracting through the water droplets and the old parchment sky to shine down on the driven snow, which was untouched yet by hand or nature, making even that see sullied with dirt. The trees were still, no breezes danced with the reaching unadorned brances. There was an ominous silence, like those that come just before a tornado.

For a moment, I honestly thought of armageddon.
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13th July 2007

11:49am: For the win.
I now have a learner's permit to drive.

I got this with the sole intention of sending it to Canada so that I can get a passport.

Isn't it funny how life works sometimes.
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27th June 2007

11:20am: ...I do not want to be a language nazi.
Like many of the more mature fanpersons out there, by which I mean that I have been in fandom for over half a decade now, I find the the insertion of seemingly random japanese into dialogue a great annoyance.

This does not mean that I have not liked it in the past, or that I consider myself superior to those who utilize this, it merely means that I believe it is something out of which people will grow.

Having grown out of it myself, I find myself at odds with myself as I write. To take an example, in the fandom of Naruto, there are several words which are left in the original Japanese after a single translating footnote upon first appearance or words which are interchanged throughout continuity, and even words which have been adopted as a part of the English language.

Example number 1: Hokage
Early on, they mention that the word means 'Fire Shadow', and that it comes from the title of the country the village is in, but later seem only to throw it around as a title and nothing more.

Example number 2: Konohagakure no Sato
This can be broken down into 'konoha', 'gakure', and 'sato', leaving 'no' as a possessive, and is literally translated, I have been discovered as 'foliage', 'hiding in' and 'village', respectively. How then, do people refer to Naruto's hometown? I have seen 'Konoha', 'Konohagakure', 'Konohagakure no Sato', 'Village of the Leaf/Leaves', 'Village of the Hidden Leaf/Leaves', 'Village in the Hidden Leaves', 'Village Hidden in the Leaves', 'Leaf Village', 'The Leaf', etc.

Example number 3: Ninja
Originally a japanese word, this was taken by the English language and is now used fairly often. Naruto uses 'ninja' as well as 'shinobi' and 'kunoichi'. Looking up 'shinobi', the defintion I received was "spy, sneak theif", and I could find no definition of 'kunoichi', and breaking it down by syllable the only possible definition I found was roughly "one who bends over". The only given definition of 'ninja' was simply "ninja".

If I was going to write anything, how would I acertain what usage would be following established fandom tendency, for example the use of 'yami' and 'hikari' in the Yu Gi Oh! fandom, and what would be obnoxious displays of vanity in japanese dialogue.

I need somebody to tell me. I don't want to be obnoxious, but would it be too language nazi just to have everything, including titles in English? How would you translate 'shinobi' into English? Would using 'ninja' count as fan japanese?

I don't want to be a nazi, but how do I tell?
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11th June 2007

10:54am: ...Rambling?
Do you know what would be awesome? What would be awesome is if someone wrote a au fic with the Naruto peoples in modern times that didn't suck.

Like, Konoha could be some sort of city of gardeners, and Suna could be filled with rock and sand gardens, and Oto be a wandering rock band or something. And they keep trying to recruit Sasuke to be on the drums, and the demons are a hereditory title with the Akatsuki as a roving historical society/renaissance fair or something.

And it would be awesome. Except nobody is going to wrtie that, because I'm the only one weird enough to think of it, and I'm terrible at writing.

And the Hoshi village from the one filler arc could be a bunch of astronomers studying Haley's Comet, or Meteor Showers or something.

And speaking of the Hoshi village from the filler arcs, it occurs to me that most of the filler arcs or the movies or what have you have Naruto becoming friends with some person, usual high up some chain of command. He would be somewhat like the most well-connected person ever.

He's the savior of the family of two national heroes in the Wave Country arc, the Princess (Queen?) of Snow Country in the first movie, of the Waterfall Village in the one hour special, of the Kazekage, and of Temujin who is apparently colonizing another continent in the second movie, on close personal terms with the prospectinve Hoshikage, "Little Brother" of the current Hokage and possibly only remaining relative of the first Hokage, "Mentor" of the grandson of the Third Hokage, student of the infamous Copy-nin Kakashi and Sannin Jiraiya, who is also the author of a highly successful series of books, retreiver of the Fire's Wife's cat, etc.

Why do all the fics where he abandons Konoha all have him go live with Tazuna for a while? He could, like, run off to that one island in the third movie where both the king and the prince feel heavily endebted to him, as well as both being his sworn friends, or the Hoshi village, which is unreachable in Bear Country, surrounded by that valley of poisonous mist.

For that matter, what is up with the canon plot? We're constantly bombarbed with the similarities of team 7 and the sannin. Sasuke corresponds to Orochimaru, Sakura to Tsunade, and Naruto to Jiraiya, with everyone exclaiming over how alike they are.

Let's investigate this, shall we? Orochimaru is, apparently, attempting to gain immortal life so that he might be able to learn everthing jutsu there is in the world. Sasuke doesn't really care about power or knowledge, unless there is the possibility that it will allow him to better defeat and kill his brother. Naruto is attempting to prove to the citizens of Konoha that he is better than them and that therefore the taunts of his childhood mean nothing by the means of becoming the Hokage, the purportedly best ninja of them all, and which has nothing to do with politics at all. Jiraiya is a traveling hermit who apparently found his true calling as a spymaster and autor, and self-proclaimed super pervert. Tsunade is a gambler, the "Great Sucker", who apparently quit being a medical ninja because of an extreme fear of blood brought on by the gory of her boyfriend/fiancee also feels an extreme amount of guilt for his death and that of her younger brother, believing she caused them to die with the gift of a certain necklace. Sakura originated as a throwaway love interest who, when she gained something approximating a personality was replaced in that aspect by Hinata, and slipped into a more sisterly role, although she now seems to be returning to it.

Orochimaru, Seeker of Knowledge =/= Sasuke, Driven Avenger. Neither does Naruto, Proving Vessel =/= Jiraiya, Pervert Spymaster. Tsunade and Sakura, as token characters and therefore don't really have personality and don't count. And let's take a closer look at Jiraiya, shall we? He calls himself a pervert, but when the narration is in his head, we don't get any of those kinds of thoughts, only analysis of situations, and considering that he's a spymaster and a ninja, having an excuse to travel and demean one's skills, like the precise one that Jiraiya has of "research" would come in pretty handy.

And even if Jiraiya really is a pervert, Naruto is not. He might use perversion to distract an opponent, like with his Ninja Centerfold, and to good effect, but when it comes down to it, he decries Jiraiya and Kakashi as though he dislikes perversion, and while he stops after the time jump, he also stopped reading Icha Icha whatever it was because he thought it was boring. Thus Naruto cannot a pervert, as he shows no interest in the pursuits of the perverted.

In fact, the only reason that Naruto didn't turn out as some bizarre crossbreed of Neji and Gaara and possibly Sasuke, is because of Iruka, who he is also identified with as orphan and mischiefmaker, although I can't really see Naruto as growing up to be Iruka. Naruto admits that he originally hated Konoha, and that he wanted to be the best and show them all as some kind as twisted revenge. At first so that they wouldn't be able to torment him, and then as a sort of, 'You should have thought before you picked on me because now I rule the country' kind of thing.

In fact, none of the characters' emotional reactions are realistic. Or even the ninja system tself. In the beginning Naruto is said to have failed the Genin exam three times. Did he start academy two years early then? Then why does he not recognize Neji or Lee, who are memorable and also in the above grade level? Or did he just demand to take the test earlier, before the rest of the genin? If that's right, why was he humored? Is it a plot device merely used to heighten the urgency of Naruto's need to pass?

What's the purpose of the bell test? I can understand the need to have a test at all, considering that the test to graduate was purely abilities and had nothing mental in it, and I can even understand Kakashi using the bell test given his history, but why the widespread use of it, as shown in flashbacks? Do you know how hard that would be? If the point of it is actually teamwork, what if only some of the students got it? Or if someone actually got a bell without resorting to teamwork? How would the passing go then? If some pass and others don't, then there'd be a genin team with less than three members.

And what about the previous genin teams? The only one from previous years is whichever is Gai's team. Wouldn't there be at least some turnover from the chuunin exams, or deaths throughout the years? It would be entirely unfeasible to have a team with mixed levels of skill, they'd just hold eachother back. Those with higher levels of skill will get messed up by those with lower level skills, and the lower levels will never get to learn anything because the higher leveled won't let them do anything.

When members of team do die or leave, they're just filled in with someone else, see Asuma and Kakashi, or Sasuke and Sai, not to mention, what the heck was going on with Konoha just before and during the timeskip, sending total rookies out after a group of the best ninjas from a rival village? Completely breaking up team 7 in a bad way, Naruto running off with Jiraiya, and Kakashi presumably doing something, but not training Sakura, who is still his student.

And what purpose does Naruto going off with Jiraiya serve? It's been established that what Naruto needs help with is the chakra control, and also that Jiraiya is not going to help him with it, so why doesn't he either stay with Kakashi, who could sort of train him, or, like, train with Sakura and Tsunade because they are the ones who are actually good at the chakra control kind of thing.

I bet, that if Naruto ever actually learned how to use his chakra correctly, and started speciallizing as a medic nin, that he would be kick ass at it. He's got tons of chakra, he could save lives. But to further stereotypes, they send him off with Jiraiya and Sakura to Tsunade for no adequately explained reason. Even if the Akatsuki eventually coming after Naruto was a good reason for him to go haring off, there is no explanation for Sakura to traing with Tsunade. I mean, for one thing, Kakashi is still there. And for another, Tsunade is the Hokage. She is, in effect, the overlord of the entire city, and there is no precedent of the Hokage having personal students, there wouldn't be enough time! Even in the flashbacks of young!sannins, it's implied that they were the Third's team before he was Hokage, and that the Third was the First and/or Second's student before they were Hokages.

The only Hokage who had students while he was Hokage was the Fourth, who has been established as the youngest Hokage in history, and therefore probably had them when he was made Hokage, and kept them until they graduated, or until Obito died and the team apparently split up.

And returning to the ninja training system, exactly when do the teams split up? The ANBU move in squads of five, I believe, so there has got to be some kind of reassinging going on, but Asuma's team was still together when it consisted of, I believe, two jounins and two chuunin. Do they stay until they're all jounin? For a set amount of years? And how are missions assigned? We've seen missions assigned to teams, to single ninja, to a multiple amount of teams, to a team with some extra, to a bunch of people from different teams, there seems to be no sense in it.

And what was up with Oto? If Orochimaru founded it, how did it get to Kage level, something which was established as a status symbol of power in the Hoshi village arc, and if Orochimaru made it with missing nins, why the heck hasn't it been wiped out by hunter nin yet, and why is it generally accepted as legal, as shown by their participation in the chuunin exams?

And what is up with the techniques that people know? Naruto got the Shadow Clones off the Scroll of Forbidden Techniques, but everybody and their mom knows it. In fact, during the Wave Country arc, Kakashi is unable to do it, only able to make regular clones, but later he suddenly can, with no explanation whatsoever.

And the Hyuuga! Does the city of Konoha allow what is effectively wholesale murder? After that seal is given to a branch member, and legal agreement is practically null, because the seal would make it could as signing under duress if the main house wanted or didn't want them to do something.

Also, Itachi. Hot, yes. Powerful, yes. Killed near his entire extended family at the age of thirteen? Highly unlikely. For one thing, he was thirteen, no matter how much he looked like an old man at the time. For another, his entire extended family. A clan who are renowned for their skills as superior ninja. Of whom there are so many that they get their own district of the city, for chrissakes. No. Not even with super cool eye powers of hallucination. He can only use it three times a day roughly six years later, when he's older and more used to it, arguably more powerful. How is he supposed to Tsukiyomi an entire city section in one go when he first got the Mangekyo Sharingan?. Especially when to gain it he supposedly killed his best friend in the entire world, Shisui, and would therefore be operating under extreme emotional tension?

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22nd January 2007

1:23am: Reply, and I'll reply with my favorite of your icons. Then, if you feel like it, repost.

15th December 2006

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Also, has anyone else seen the trailer for FFXIII? The main character is Sasuke. O.O I think I just kind of sat and gaped at the screen when I first saw his hairstyle, and then I couldn't stop laughing.
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12th December 2006


You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse.

The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?
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...I'm bored.
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7th December 2006

11:08am: Comment and I'll give you a letter; then, list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.
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30th November 2006

8:29pm: ???
There is something wrong with my friends page. It says, right at the top, that my current mood is 'distressed,' and then, right below that, it says that I'm 'cheerful.' Nnn?



I cut for space.Collapse )

Here is my list.
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28th November 2006


...:D It's better than the Death Star, that's for certain.
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11:54am: *snerk*
So, for the past two/three weeks or so, my RSP teacher has been telling us that we didn't have class yesterday.

Now, my memory? It is awful, so I didn't remember which class we had off, and since I can't get a ride home until after Mom's class gets off anyway and my previous class was in the same building, I thought I'd just hang out in my RSP classroom for a while.

So, about twenty minutes before class, the Decurion, read: student aide, wanders in, looks at me and says, "I don't think we have class today, but I thought I'd come see anyway."

Me: "Yeah, me too."

And so it goes. For the next half hour, roughly a third of my class wanders in, going "Do we have class today? I didn't think so, but...," until five minutes after class would have started, if we'd had any class, which was when we all left.


I love my RSP class. We are all such dorks. It is awesome.
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25th November 2006

12:14am: Holiday Meme, from forgottenlover
1. Give me a prompt in one of my fandoms. Check my interests for those, but if the fandom you want isn't there, ask me, and chances are that I'll know it.

2. In return a will give you a fanwork in the style of my choice, be it fic, pic, vid, etc., that is my response to that particular prompt.

3. Say how you want me to deliver your fanwork, via email, regular mail, locked or unlocked LJ post, and the necessary information I need to do so.

4. Repost this to be nice, if you requested something, but you don't have to.
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